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Our specialists have developed a chamber, which is second to none related to robustness, quality and innovation.

With over 30 years expertise in electrophoresis, we know all weaknesses of commercial mini gel chambers: Brittle spray cast material, teared platinum wire, leakages, lost clamps, or screws.

Get to know our BlueVertical™ PRiME™ system…

BlueVertical™ PRiME™ in a glance

The buffer chamber of the electrophoresis unit is made from robust plastic. The lucent front and back allows a clear view.

The gel or blot module is put into the side grooves and hangs freely surrounded by buffer solution – obtaining good passive cooling.

An offset arrangement of the grooves assures that the modules are inserted in the correct orientation. The module snaps into place in order to prevent its pulling out when the lid is lifted.

Our specialists contributed all their knowledge to the design of the BlueVertical™ PRiME™ gel module.

Gases produced during electrophoresis are vented through degasification slots.

Instead of platinum wire, platinized titanium rods are mounted. These are tear-resistant but deliver same results. Gilt pins avoid their corrosion.

Gel cassettes or glass sandwiches, measure 10 x 10 cm and 7 – 7.5 mm thickness, are inserted into opposite recesses. Without loose clamps or screws, the unique locking system fixes the gel leak-free:

The sockets of the BlueVertical™ PRiME™ safety lid are installed in offset arrangement. Hence, the lid can only be connected to the gel or blot module in the correct orientation. Mix-up of anode/cathode is no longer possible.

The safety lid has red/black connection cables with 4 mm sleeved connectors.

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We also provide IQOQPQ for the PRiME™-System. Download Info HERE

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BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Casting Stand

The BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Casting Stand is a casting system for up to two vertical mini gels. The glass plates are assembled outside and fixed with clamps. By sliding the closures to the inside, the glass sandwich is automatically pressed onto a silicone gasket.

Available spares:

  • Glass plates notched
  • Glass plates with spacer (1.0 mm / 1.5 mm)
  • Combs (1.0 mm / 1.5 mm) with 10 / 12 / 15 wells


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BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Blot Module

The BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Blot Module is transforming your BlueVertical™ PRiME™ chamber into a tank blotter. Instead of the gel module, the blot module is inserted into the buffer chamber.

Again, we contributed all our knowledge into its development.

Other tank blot devices are produced from thin spray cast material, have fragile platinum wire installed and are closed with vulnerable hinges. We use robust plastic and the unique platinized titanium rod.

We are able to forgo hinges by sophisticated grooves: Build-up your blot on top of the cassette’s base, put the cover on and slide the cassette in the grooves of the module – It’s easy like inserting a CD! If you do not already own a BlueVertical™ PRiME™, the BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Tank Blotter is available as a stand-alone unit.


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BluePower™ 600 PRiME™ Power Supply

The BluePower™ 600 PRiME™ Power Supply is an all-round instrument and can handle all applications of the PRiME™-Systems. Easy to operate, safe and reliable.

In a glance:

  • 600 V, 1000 mA, 300 W (automatic Cross-Over)
  • Volt-Gradient-Mode
  • 4 x 2 outlets (4 mm), programable (9 x 9)
  • Timer- or Volthours option
  • Overload protection, short-circuit alarm, ground leakage stop
  • Free read out software via USB for data acquisition


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BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Comb 1.5 mm, 10 Wells

BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Comb 1.5 mm, 12 Wells

BlueVertical™ PRiME™ Comb 1.5 mm, 15 Wells

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