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25 Years BlueLine™

25 Years SERVA BlueLine™ Pure Electrophoresis – Experience it! Sustainable produced IOPQ Device Qualification ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Send…


iGEM Team Stuttgart 2021

This year SERVA is again supporting an iGEM team with PRiME ready-to-use gels and reagents. The 11 students…


SERVA Blog Birthday

Early 2021, we launched the SERVA blog and want to celebrate with you. Inside this blog post you’ll…


Device qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) of electrophoresis devices.

IQ, OQ, PQ are abbreviations that are widely used in FDA, CE and quality departments. But what is…

Electrophoresis Crossover Effect

Parameter during electrophoresis – the cross-over

Why are the programmed parameters not reached during electrophoresis? This is due to the cross-over effect, which we…